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 All levels and required XP

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PostSubject: All levels and required XP   Tue Apr 20, 2010 4:29 pm

Copied from the gamesettings.xml (If a page with tons of randon stuff that don't include this view the page source (Google Chrome users))
<!-- Level definitions -->
      <level num="1" requiredXP="0"/>
      <level num="2" requiredXP="10"/>
      <level num="3" requiredXP="30"/>
      <level num="4" requiredXP="70" notes="Levels:CanFertilize"/>
      <level num="5" requiredXP="140"/>
      <level num="6" requiredXP="250" notes="Levels:CanBuyStorage"/>
      <level num="7" requiredXP="400" notes="Levels:CanSellAnimalsTrees"/>
      <level num="8" requiredXP="600"/>
      <level num="9" requiredXP="850"/>
      <level num="10" requiredXP="1150"/>
      <level num="11" requiredXP="1500"/>
      <level num="12" requiredXP="1900"/>
      <level num="13" requiredXP="2400"/>
      <level num="14" requiredXP="3000"/>
      <level num="15" requiredXP="3700"/>
      <level num="16" requiredXP="4500"/>
      <level num="17" requiredXP="5400"/>
      <level num="18" requiredXP="6400"/>
      <level num="19" requiredXP="7500"/>
      <level num="20" requiredXP="8700"/>
      <level num="21" requiredXP="10000"/>
      <level num="22" requiredXP="11500"/>
      <level num="23" requiredXP="13500"/>
      <level num="24" requiredXP="16000"/>
      <level num="25" requiredXP="19000"/>
      <level num="26" requiredXP="22500"/>
      <level num="27" requiredXP="26500"/>
      <level num="28" requiredXP="31000"/>
      <level num="29" requiredXP="36000"/>
      <level num="30" requiredXP="42000"/>
      <level num="31" requiredXP="49000"/>
      <level num="32" requiredXP="57000"/>
      <level num="33" requiredXP="65000"/>
      <level num="34" requiredXP="74000"/>
      <level num="35" requiredXP="83000"/>
      <level num="36" requiredXP="93000"/>
      <level num="37" requiredXP="103000"/>
      <level num="38" requiredXP="113000"/>
      <level num="39" requiredXP="123000"/>
      <level num="40" requiredXP="133000"/>
      <level num="41" requiredXP="143000"/>
      <level num="42" requiredXP="153000"/>
      <level num="43" requiredXP="163000"/>
      <level num="44" requiredXP="173000"/>
      <level num="45" requiredXP="183000"/>
      <level num="46" requiredXP="193000"/>
      <level num="47" requiredXP="203000"/>
      <level num="48" requiredXP="213000"/>
      <level num="49" requiredXP="223000"/>
      <level num="50" requiredXP="233000"/>
      <level num="51" requiredXP="243000"/>
      <level num="52" requiredXP="253000"/>
      <level num="53" requiredXP="263000"/>
      <level num="54" requiredXP="273000"/>
      <level num="55" requiredXP="283000"/>
      <level num="56" requiredXP="293000"/>
      <level num="57" requiredXP="303000"/>
      <level num="58" requiredXP="313000"/>
      <level num="59" requiredXP="323000"/>
      <level num="60" requiredXP="333000"/>
      <level num="61" requiredXP="343000"/>
      <level num="62" requiredXP="353000"/>
      <level num="63" requiredXP="363000"/>
      <level num="64" requiredXP="373000"/>
      <level num="65" requiredXP="383000"/>
      <level num="66" requiredXP="393000"/>
      <level num="67" requiredXP="403000"/>
      <level num="68" requiredXP="413000"/>
      <level num="69" requiredXP="423000"/>
      <level num="70" requiredXP="433000"/>   
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All levels and required XP
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